Dynamically Different


Headco Machine Works is a full-service machine, fabrication, welding, and gear reducer repair shop.


Dynamic Workmanship

  • Reverse engineering capabilities
  • Rush-breakdown services for a superior experience
  • Employee development
  • Continuous investment in the machine and engineering technology

Specific Service

  • Reducer repair by factory-trained technicians
  • Dynamic balancing of impellers
  • Turn, bore and thread inch and metric pitches and sings up to 42 inches with a maximum length of 20 feet
  • CNC mills and lathes


About Us


In 1927 Headco Machine Works originally started as Beaty Machine. The grandson of the original owner, Ted Beaty, bought the business in the 1970’s and changed its name to what it is known today. Kindustry Park Road has been called home since its move in 1997. The business has more than double the size of the previous location, with nine times the ventilation.

Our Headco Machine Works shop provides complete gear machining, tool & die, metalizing and welding for all your maintenance, repair and fabrication needs. From small pins to an entire floor of production equipment, we have the solutions you value.

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Our Capacities

Type of Work

  • General Machining
  • CNC Machining
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Reducer Repair

Markets Serviced

  • Food
  • Steel
  • OEM
  • Replacement Parts

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HMW strives to be “First in business excellence, quality and value in the eyes of our Customers”.  


To support this Policy we work to continually improve our People, Technology and Processes in the following manner:

  • People: HMW will always provide a secure and safe work environment. We encourage personal growth by providing opportunities for learning and improvement. We foster stewardship in our employees by requiring reporting and accountability.
  • Technology: HMW continually strives to research, procure and apply the latest technology and tooling to enhance our productivity, capability and scope of services that we provide to our customers.
  • Processes: HMW develops processes and procedures and then measures results to continually improve our Products and Services.  Our Leadership commits to comply with our Quality Management System and any applicable requirements and works to continually improve this system.